by admin on February 9, 2012

I’ve made people dance. I’ve made them make out on the dance floor. I’m sure, people have met and gone home with each other during a couple of my sets too. So what what would I play for a girl who is taking her clothes off? I might sound like this mix, if I could orchestrate a strip club for about 45 minutes. I tried to include some songs that people might not imagine as music for inverted pole choreography, but appropriated in my own way to create a: “brigidope-esque p-poppin ambiance.”

free stream & DL here: http://www.mixcrate.com/djbrigidope/m2s2-music2strip2-122606


About 6 years ago I went to a strip club and the DJ played Earth, Wind, & Fire – September, for a girl named Amber. It was unexpected, and I was juiced to hear it, and for lack of a better cliche´ … “it was a breath of fresh air”. But, it’s a bit of an odd song to play in a strip club (imo). I see it more as a wedding song than a booty clapping song, but then again; sometimes girls dance to other music I think of as “random.” I’ve seen a girl dance to Guns n Roses – November Rain. She was dancing all spirit-fingers-dramatical, and that was pretty hot. But I grew up with that video, and images of Slash’s guitar solo at that chapel in the desert kept popping up in my mind. Since then I’ve always thought about what it would be like if i were a strip club DJ.

Le Tracklist

click here to cop dat hot fiyah.

Thanks to Stella Marie for letting me use her picture in the cover (1st one featured). Unfortunately due to printing restraints, the I couldn’t use it on the envelope or actual CD. It’s my favorite of the 3 however, I like how it looks on my ipod as the album art so i’m glad to have it in that capacity. You can right click (mac: command- click) > save as to dl that album art.


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