by dj brigidope on January 19, 2011

got new headphones today. been seeing these around and heard some good things, so i decided to give em a whirl.

nice box. matte finish. fancy pants.

i think they could have found a more articulate way to seal the box than 4 stickers. maybe that’s what a theft deterrent looks like these days. but they stick to the box like hell, and are made of transparent           aluminum, which makes trying to wrestle these out of the box outside of the store a good 10 minute exercise in imitating a 7 year old trying to tear open a transformer blister pack….

…i just wanted to listen to some jamiroquai on the way home. another reason why i picked these up… i lost my daily drivers…

all things aside, they are a pretty solid pair. they have a mic on them so i don’t have to hold my phone in front of my mouth like one of those people that thinks push to talk means hold your nextel in front of you like a walkie talkie from the 80s.

cushiony. sturdy (kinda… well, enough) and they give me all the benefits of wearing big headphones, w/o having to really wear big headphones. and they even kinda fold up… kinda.

i cant really see gigging with these. they’d probably die after a couple of weeks of ending up at the bottom of a gig bag.  but for bumping some mp3s at your starbucks wifi shanty town… these are pretty enjoyable.

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